Improving Working Lives

  • Applying neuroscience equals more profit
  • Achieving mindful engagement
  • Reinventing, revitalising culture
  • Creating top performing teams
  • Improving Hiring (Thinking Pattern ProfileTM)

Applying Neuroscience Equals More Company Profit

Achieve applies neuroscience to leadership development, management training, change management education and consulting, and coaching. Studies measuring the strength of these methods show improvement in a company’s bottom line.

As Professors Adam Waytz and Malia Mason wrote in a 2013 article, neuroscience has already revealed insights that are applicable to the workplace. These include promoting creative thinking, structuring rewards, the role of emotions in decision-making and the opportunities and pitfalls of multi-tasking.

Neuroscience will be a key factor in defining leadership, selecting leaders and design leadership improvement programmes.

Achieving Mindful Engagement

Mindfulness in the workplace can have deep significance on how an organisation thinks about its people. In addition, about how people think about themselves, the difference in productivity and the bottom line.

Mindfulness could cause a shift in approaching surface goals or it could simply support the ability to focus on and achieve surface goals fully aligned to a deep purpose.

Reinventing, Revitalising Culture

It’s not about changing the business model; it’s about getting your business’s corporate culture to take up the new identity. Achieve helps you revitalize and diversify your businesses economic base, enhance your quality of life, and reinvent yourself for new functions and roles.

Fervent and inspiring people leading by example, communicating effectively and displaying a deep-seated regard and acknowledgement of all stakeholders, can lead your company.

Achieve helps you identify these hidden assets and grow your business.

Creating Top Performing Teams

As Forbes says, “Changing team behaviour, once ingrained, is no small feat”. High performance teams share a common vision and cooperate, challenge and hold other team members accountable. They create commitment. They supply the structure and a common vision that inspires people to give their best effort.

Teams are the foundation of a high performance organisation. Developing those teams is an effort that requires serious determination and consistent discipline.

Using individual and team assistance, Achieve can help you solve individual, interpersonal, process, and structural problems so that your company can become a high performance organisation.

Improving Hiring (Thinking Pattern Profile™)

Based on Nobel nominated science the Thinking Pattern Profile™  measures value judgment, and competency quickly, easily and accurately. It measures the pattern of decision-making, which the person uses when processing information. In addition, the Thinking Pattern Profile™ helps both individuals and groups identify strengths and blocks relating to their work mates, task performance, work environment, confidence and self-esteem.

In short, the Thinking Pattern Profile™, unlike other assessments can not be manipulated. It measures clarity, and focus that individuals and groups have regarding people, tasks, systems and themselves. This assessment tool  can play an integral role in all the points mentioned above.

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Applied Neuroscience and use of Thinking Pattern Profile

“Magda clearly knows her subject (neuroscience), is well informed on all matters HR, insofar as they relate to the workplace, and I found her presentation easy to understand and useful. She has clearly articulated the issues that can arise in the workplace, and spelt out how her company can assist businesses work through these issues and set up a better working environment for the staff and management of a business.” Jeff, Director.

“Feedback on the assessment was clear and simple. I like that it was not right or wrong – highlighting areas that are strengths and things to be careful about around those strengths. For such a simple test I was surprised at the detail of insight it gave me about the way I think and make decisions” Dave

“I have known Magda since 1998 and worked closely with her over the last year. She has a high moral standing and extremely professional work ethic and, coupled with her wisdom and exemplary business experience, makes it a pleasure working with her.” Rob, business owner

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