About Us

Achieve are primarily business consultants. Business consultants who work with you to obtain the best employment relationships. They are also advocates, coaches and facilitators helping clients to help themselves.

Together Achieve have an all-embracing knowledge of complex government and employment contracts, as well as employment relationships. They work with individuals as well as businesses, helping restore a sense of balance to complicated issues by applying the principles of neuroscience and the gold standard in competency assessments Thinking Pattern Profile™.

The Principals of Achieve Workplace Harmony

Magda van Rooyen BLC LLB
CEO and Consultant

With two law degrees and as a former employer, Magda has an in-depth knowledge of working relationships. In her 21 years in business, Magda has experienced at first hand unfairness and workplace bullying and how to overcome the negativity that is numbing the soul. She is applying the principles of neuroscience to her life very single day. She is a strong believer that an integrated brain, mind and integrated relationships is the recipe for health and happiness.

If you are at all uncertain about your workplace situation, call Magda today. +64 9 2745228

Roelof van Rooyen
Director Operations

Responsible for the operational aspects of Achieve Workplace Harmony Limited. Also provides marketing support and ensures the necessary systems are in place to help Magda and indirectly you to become the best employer in your field. He has 26 years’ experience both in senior leadership roles and as a systems engineer and project/programme manager in a wide range of companies.

Phone Achieve today +64 9 2745228
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