We Can Accommodate Your Assessment Competency Requirements (Part 2)

June 25

This level is for large organisations where 50 or more employees are in one department.

“The second level is much more objective. The decision makers do not have to rely on their own judgment about what is required. In this process the characteristics of the performers most likely to succeed and fail in that particular environment are identified objectively and assessments are built on the basis of this analysis. This is …


We Can Accommodate Your Assessment Competency Requirements (Part 1)

May 30

“The first level is to provide a framework for helping the decision maker clarify for him or herself the ideal candidate against which to measure those who apply. My experience has been that most often the decision makers do not know what they want, but they certainly know what they don’t want when they see it. Thus, I find it helpful to provide tested competencies for them to consider and …


Direct Observation of Competency Assessments

May 7

The Thinking Pattern Profile™ assessments are all based on Dr. Robert S. Hartman’s work in Axiology and are the gold standard of competency assessment tools. They are objective and they represent the third kind of assessment, direct observation. (View also the articles on 360° and self report assessment tools).

“This is the kind of assessment where actual decision behaviour is observed and recorded. The person taking the profile does not describe …


Self Report Competency Assessments

April 30

There are thousands of websites dedicated to help applicants with answers and tips to the self report assessments. How could a business owner, manager or HR person hope to really get an unbiased report? The only alternative is the Nobel nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman and the Thinking Pattern Profile™.

The applicants “are asked to agree or disagree about statements about themselves or to indicate descriptors about themselves. I …


360° Competency Feedback Instruments

April 16

Is your business using the 360° competency assessment? If so read on.  Should you wonder about the alternative, then I could tell you to look into the benefits of Nobel nominated research and the assessment tool the Thinking Pattern Profile™.  It is unique in that it is testing the values of the candidate and it can’t be manipulated.

“The first non-objective kind of assessment is a 3600 Feedback assessment. This is …


Is middle and senior management untouchable?

March 18

At times managers are seen by employees as untouchable. Employees see the glaring misconduct of their manager and yet those managers are not getting fired. Employees are simply too afraid to loose their jobs and they keep quiet. If they dare to speak up against unfair performance assessments the employee often loose his or her job. If employees don’t feel that they are treated fairly, employers will never get those …


Why is Goodwill of Employees Important?

February 23

I am talking about the so called “soft people skills.” The McKinsey 7S Framework is a handy management tool and the soft skills mentioned in this model are style, skills, shared values and staff. Here is an example

Is your organisation helping or hindering the process of alignment to shared values specifically? Let’s look at the value of goodwill…


Definition of goodwill according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary

“1 a :  a kindly feeling …


Cultural diversity – Ineffective management could ruin your company

February 5

Companies and employees are leaving themselves open to legal action where there is discrimination and bullying in the workplace. Ignorance of another person’s culture is no excuse as most of the information is at our finger tips. Just ask Google! In this article I discuss the following points:

Lessons from the United Nations for employers and employees
7 Questions to think about…
Many companies boast about their cultural diversity but that is all …


Lessons to learn from recent urban violence as it relates to the workplace

January 28

Fairness in the workplace demands employers and employees to take their safety seriously

Violence at the workplace is everybody’s concern. Who would ever think that being in a chocolate shop could lead to loss of life? All it takes is one person + a bad day + a weapon.  That is all it takes to derail your business, with loss of life and with unquantifiable damages. The recent Lindt siege …


What can I do when I feel like a victim at my workplace?

December 17

In employment matters this definition of a victim is relevant for this discussion:  “a person who has come to feel helpless and passive in the face of misfortune or ill-treatment.” This is a very broad category and at times we all feel like this, but we are able to move on.  Constant ill treatment like bullying, discrimination, harassment and violence is not so easy to shake off.  Because of isolation …


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