Applied Neuroscience to help you

Your goal

We have all experienced very good and sometimes very bad working relationships. Today, almost every employee is in competition with co-workers. This is leading to “dog eats dog” scenario and everyone suffers. You know that you are willing to do and give your best if only you could get some recognition that really matters to you. At Achieve we know how to make your life better by applying the principles of neuroscience to your work life.

The process

We do this by shaping cognition. Definition of cognition: “Conscious mental activities: the activities of thinking, understanding, learning, and remembering.” When understanding how your biology function, it is making real growth a better obtainable objective. Our goal is to help you not only improve your working life but your life overall.

We can do one on one consultation on Saturday mornings. Please call Magda Ph +64 9 274 5228 for an appointment.

The results

  1. Knowing the functions of your brain and understanding why and how you brain behaves in certain circumstances allows you to change what your behaviors for the better.
  2. You could go to work looking forward to it, because you really want to work with this organisation doing your specific job and promoting your shared values.
  3. Become the change you want to see.
  4. Help create a culture that not only celebrate your differences but use it to the best advantage of both you and the organisation.
  5. You learned about the plasticity of your and other’s brains, how you and they keep on learning and changing and how to harness this wonderful capacity to be more productive and even happier.
  6. You can show the way to all employees, managers and executives to work from science based information for the benefit of the whole group.
  7. Learn how to get the best functionality from your brain, mind and relationships.
  8. Learn how to become aware of distractions, how to manage it and keep your performance on a high level.
  9. Learn how to put on your mental brakes and learn the benefit of it for your creativity.
  10. Learn how to active your zone of peak performance.
  11. Train yourself to be open for amazing insights.
  12. Understand what behaviors your brain are seeing as threats, how taxing it is and how deadly it is to creativity.
  13. Minimize employment disputes and legal proceedings.

Using The Best Assessment Tool Ever – Thinking Pattern Profile™!

Your goal

You would like to show your employer that you know yourself and know how to best manage your strengths and blind spots. The so called “weaknesses” is not something anyone can rip out of their bodies. Those so called “weaknesses” are strengths when channeled and applied without mindsight. For example, say someone told  you that you are stubborn.  That is only one side of the coin. The other side is that you are tenacious and this characteristic could mean a lot to your employer. When you know to apply brakes to your strengths you will be able to outperform yourself on a daily basis.

By using the Thinking Pattern Profile™ as an assessment for competencies it is removing the constant competition with co-workers. You are in competition only with yourself, and it is not a hard task since you know exactly your strengths and the blind spots those strengths could cause. Your manager could have the same information and that will put you on even keel as you both would know exactly what to concentrate on and what to avoid.

The process

The Thinking Pattern Profile™ measures habits of thinking and valuing.

It takes about 15-20 minutes, to complete a simple rank ordering of 18 items and 18 statements. The first set of 18 items is about your perception of self and the second 18 statements are about your perception of the world. It is available in multiple languages including pictograph.

The assessment measures, not what you think you are like, but HOW you actually think. It provides objective information regarding variables such as one’s strategic thinking ability, attention to concrete detail, intuitive insight, persistence, consistency, systems orientation, sensitivity to others, confidence, optimism, self-regard, emotional control and drive level.

We can do one-on-one consultation on Saturday mornings. Please call Magda Ph +64 9 274 5228 for an appointment.

The following assessments could be of value to you:

  • Customer Service Assessment
  • Entrepreneurs –  risk tolerance assessment
  • Personal Competencies (skills)
  • Personal Pathfinder
  • Personal Pathways
  • Personal Performance Assessment
  • Personal Value Analysis
  • Professional Athlete Performance Assessment
  • Professional Athlete Profile
  • Professional Competencies Assessment
  • Professional Profile

The results

Based on Value Science Principles:

  • Know/understand why you make your decisions and the benefit of your specific thinking pattern.
  • Come into contact with deep dimensions of yourself.
  • Plan your life based on reason and understanding resulting in a happier you.
  • Develop relationships based on reasonable expectations and optimism.

We can do one on one consultation on Saturday mornings. Please call Magda Ph +64 9 274 5228 for an appointment.


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