Your goal

Your dream is to create workplaces where the each employee could activate their dream machine that is their brain,  and create great relationships to form a “company” of mindful employees. The plasticity of the brain ensures that we all can learn new things and thrive on it, through out our life times.

Justice and fairness at the workplace could prevent plummeting profits and deep seated employee discouragement. There is a way forward by applying the principles of neuroscience and using the gold standard in competence assessments the Thinking Pattern Profile™. Achieve could like to show you how.

The process

After assessment of your needs Achieve could do workshops, training or coaching sessions. How you want to proceed is your choice. Applying the principles of neuroscience is not only going to benefit the bottom line but most importantly your employees would change into your biggest promoters. Achieve’s goal is to help you minimize the costs of re-hiring and re-training, doing unpopular performance appraisals and making sure you have a core of workers who want to work for you only. Doing our training is positively life changing.

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The result

  1. Applying Neuroscience equals happier employees and more company profit. Achieve applies neuroscience to leadership development, management training, change management, education and consulting, and coaching. Overseas studies measuring the strength of these methods show improvement in a company’s bottom line.
  2. As Professors Adam Waytz and Malia Mason wrote in a 2013 article, neuroscience has already revealed insights that are applicable to the workplace. These include promoting creative thinking, structuring rewards, the role of emotions in decision-making and the opportunities and pitfalls of multi-tasking.
  3. Neuroscience will be a key factor in defining leadership, selecting leaders and design leadership improvement in the future.
  4. Achieving Mindful Engagement. Mindfulness in the workplace can have deep significance on how an organisation thinks about its people and “why” they do business.
  5. Reinventing, Revitalising Culture – You will find this so simple by knowing how to apply neuroscience and using the benefits of the Thinking Pattern Profile™ (discussed hereunder). Why is this important? Your business will have to stay abreast with the changes in human capital to stay in the market.
  6. Creating non-competitive teams and team dynamics but still top performing teams. As Forbes says, “Changing team behavior, once ingrained, is no small feat”. Fact is, it is achievable especially when employees can see the benefit for them. How much are you willing to invest to be perceived as the best employer in your field? Applied neuroscience help create high performance teams that share a common vision and cooperate, challenge and hold other team members accountable.
  7. Understand and prevent unfair treatment as it has a neurological devastating effect on your employees.

The above will place you amongst the most advanced organisations in your field and in the field of employee learning and development and ultimately employee and customer retention.

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The Gold Standard in Assessment Tools – Thinking Pattern Profile™

Your goal

You know that emotions come and go and are not a good basis for competency assessments. You also know that the assessments on the market today can be manipulated. You have done a Google search and you have seen how many websites there are telling prospective employees how to ace these tests and it includes psychological assessments. Achieve searched for an assessment to help you to really understand your employees. Achieve have found it in the Nobel nominated research of Dr. Robert S. Hartman, the Hartman Value Profile that is the base for the Thinking Pattern Profile.™ It is like a “fingerprint” of your employee’s thinking process. This assessment has been validated over the last 30 years. It is objective, quantitative, universally applicable, and virtually impossible to bias.

The process

Achieve will consult to you regarding your needs and draft a practical plan to follow. We could address the following issues:

  • enhance efforts to achieve quality
  • improve selection procedures
  • identify high potential employees
  • planning development opportunities
  • understanding willingness to perform
  • target training more accurately than other assessments
  • build team strength and team understanding
  • determining the real competencies behind other assessment results
  • identify individuals’ and groups’ actual concept of excellence, service, sales, and the work environment
  • promote self-acceptance and self-confidence
  • position empowerment as accountability and self-management soars

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You could choose an assessment based on:

The different positions a person might perform: Sales, recruiting, management, health services, service, general employee positions, professional and amateur sports under sport, also personal performance assessment and security.

Functions: Recruitment plus hiring assessments, development includes training and coaching, team building, succession planning and screening of candidates assessment available.

Examples of standard assessments:

  • Applicant Interview Guide
  • Composite Attitude Survey
  • Customer Service Assessment
  • Employee Summary
  • Executive Management Assessment
  • Executive Summary
  • General Employability
  • Manager Assessment
  • Nursing Services Assessment
  • Personal Competencies
  • Personal Pathways
  • Personal Performance Assessment
  • Personal Value Analysis
  • Physician Services Assessment
  • Professional Athlete Profile
  • Professional Competencies Assessment
  • Professional Profile
  • Professional Sports Scouting Report
  • Project Management Competency Assessment
  • Sales Assessment
  • Security Officer Assessment
  • Sports Scouting Report

The result

Since your employee manage their own strengths you have a more stable and happier workforce.

The need for 360° assessments (it is only testing what other people are willing to say about a co-employee and is not what they really think!) is no longer necessary.

The need for annual performance appraisals and the anguish for both parties’ fall away as employees can self monitor and both employer and employee have the same information to work with, on a day to day basis.

Soaring profits because your employees understand your commitment to them.

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